Thursday, July 22, 2010

There not just TOYS, they ARE CZECH Toys!

Wooden Czech Toy c.1930
This guide is meant to be about shopping and that's....all kinds of shopping.  I don't have any particular focus when I'm shopping, I am just merely moving through spaces that sell goods and if the products have something interesting about them or they evoke a feeling from me, I'm buying.  There are no boundaries here @shopintheknow

Hence, an entry about toys, specifically Czech Toys.  I'm not a woman, nor a heterosexual man, nor a cross dresser, and therefore...I probably shouldn't buy women's jewelry, but I do.  I'm not a child, We don't have any children of our own so I probably shouldn't be buying toys either, yet I am still attracted to toys when I'm shopping and I tend to buy a significant amount of toys or child related items throughout the year.  I buy them because I think they are cool or because I think I could see a nephew or niece playing with the item or wearing a piece of children's apparel which is also very difficult to walk by and not at least have a look to see what's going on in children's fashion these days.
 Igráček, a communist era knock-off of the well-known German Playmobil brand. 

All that said, I find Czech Toys a completely interesting group of toys.  Some are mechanically amazing and others are just downright cool.  Prague is a great place to search for Czech Toys and the best ones are available in Antique Toy Stores or for seriously edited and "Damn That's Cool" vintage and antique toys check out the Artel Design Shop located at Celetna 29 in Prague's Old Town district.  The owner, Karen Feldman, has been my mentor in understanding the beauty and design that went into so many of these toys.  The Artel Design Store is a museum for the most quintessential toys to be found on the streets of Prague and the staff is more than likely able to provide you with a verbal history tour of the toy!  They carry vintage and renewed toys as well as Karen Feldman designed glass that is the most exquisite crystal in the Czech Republic for table top and design.
Wooden Czech Toy c.1925

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