Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Gentleman Entertains

A Gentleman Entertains

    When thinking of the upcoming holidays it's hard for me not to think of some of the awful dinner parties that bachelors will be throwing this year!   Turn off the sports boys and show some class.  It's not hard to be stylish if you have an advisor and most women dig the opportunity to meet real gentleman who know the art of gentlemanly etiquette.  It's a lost art on most.  However, there is help out there for the etiquette impaired.  In today's holiday entertaining article we are focusing on how real men entertain.

It's really not rocket science guys.  It just takes a little bit of thought and effort. Most of you already cook and also have you're own drink of choice.  Now you just need to set the table correctly in order to impress your friends and show them what you are really made of.

Martini Glasses by Artel Glass. Chartreuse Faceted Vase
by Artel Glass, Re-used chocolate Christmas Tree boxes, and
Table Cloth by Raulph Lauren. Tabletop design by j. thomas cahill

For this piece I've decorated the table quite simply with just enough decoration to make the atmosphere festive.  Martinis are the drink of choice at this table and each guest will be drinking out of a unique Martini Glass by Artel Glass

Paul Smith Handkerchief and Thomas Pink Bulldog Cufflinks as Party Favors
Every place setting has been carefully tailored to meet the interest of each and every guest including bespoke party favors.  For those with less etiquette and a need for upgrading themselves into a more mature adult I've offered ties and a gentleman's etiquette book by Brooks Brothers , as well as, a single tie to add or begin their collection of the mature man's essential wardrobe piece.  At place settings where more refined gentleman will be sitting, I've chosen cufflinks and handkerchiefs from different menswear designers such as Thomas Pink, Paul Smith, and Kenzo.       

In many ways, one just has to put a bit of thought into the type of atmosphere they want to create.  I have many ideas on Gentleman Entertaining ideas and can be a great resource for choosing and procuring party favors with class on most budgets.   Take a look for yourself at the photos in this article to gain more ideas and insight on how to create the perfect table for your holiday soiree!  

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