Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Essential Fall 2010 Wardrobe Items in Shop in the Know's closet!

Jacket and Scarf by Ralph Lauren.

Pullover by Fred Perry. Shirt by Ralph Laruen Custom Shop.

Quilted Jacket by Ralph Lauren in Green.

Quilted jacket by Ralph Lauren in Blue.

Brown Leather Earth Soled Loafers by Gucci.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Quite possibly my new Timex watch is one of my top 5 purchases this Summer!  People may ask? "That's a strange one coming from Jason at shopintheknow," but trust, I've got style and everything I own DOES NOT have to have a Celebra-Brand on it.

I actually bought my Timex at a watch repair shop on a mission to get a mere battery put in a digital Gucci watch.  Sadly, although I find most high end watches beautifully crafted,  they have issues.  My Omega has had to be fixed twice to the tune of about 500usd each time, the Gucci needed a battery and it took me three days to find anyone that could change it on the spot and I started at Gucci...go figure.  So, I'm getting this battery changed...and in the shop they've got all types of watches going on. They are so helpful that I am immediately engaged in the other products they have on offer.  Apparently there are watch fanatics at every level of the shopping spectrum. I immediately chose the Timex Oversized Indiglo with black leather strap and stainless casing and for $54.99 plus tax I walked out with a new watch and a re-batteried Gucci. And it must be said, I've never been so happier than with my new Timex Classic!    So I'd like to thank that watch store back at Lake Success Shopping Center.  I will be back.