Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Wreaths and Why Good Decorator's use them!

Original Holiday Wreaths by Sara V.  Large: $37.50 Small: $27.50

Holiday Wreaths make great decoration accessories or central features in a home.  They are a holiday decoration staple item in a decorator's closet as they are able to allow the eye to move to and from other items placed in and around the home over the Season!
 It is very important to highlight areas in the home with wreaths as they are not only welcoming, but beautiful!  Wreaths date back to the Etruscan Era.  Originally, wreaths were made at all different times of the year for different types of cultural, religious, and family events such as weddings, victories, public announcement of a celebration, or to just let people in community know that something special was happening "here," where the wreath was placed.

These beautiful holiday wreaths are handcrafted by Sara and are available by custom order and as seen. Each wreath is meticulously constructed by hand by rolling pages of books into cones to create the wreath itself and then highlighted with different types of Holiday Adornments to bring in color, dazzle, and sparkle!

Custom order wreaths are available in; Silver Gold, Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, and White.  Matte, Metallic, and Sparkle Finishes are also available on these adornments, as well as, detailed items such as silver and gold beads, natural elements including berries and pine cones.

Handcrafted Wreaths by Sara V. are available in small and large at:

Small Wreath:  $27.50
Large Wreath:  $37.50

Email us today to find out more information or place an order at shopintheknow@gmail.com

Large Handcrafted Wreath:  $37.50

Small Handcrafted Wreath $27.50


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