Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's a Mewelry Box!

Cufflinks and handkerchiefs are an essential part of every man's wardrobe.  Don't be fooled guys, people do notice.  People notice a smart dressed man and are more likely to employ them, just like they are more likely to employ someone who keeps themselves in good physical condition.  These attributes shown on your outside are ever present reminders to the outside world of how you choose to live.  They define you and give people insight to your character such as whether you are lazy, motivated, intelligent, funny, sad, pathetic, clean, dirty, smelly, etc.  You get the point.  If you aren't dressing to impress than just give up.  Look your best at all times and for every event or point in the day.  For most men, that means at least 60-70 hours a week in the office, working for the man and trying to find ways to enjoy it.  How does one look office appropriate?  Well for me and those I roll with we wear suits, pointed collar french-cuff shirts, cuff links, and beautiful ties and we carry handkerchiefs.  Yes, handkerchiefs.  Even in the best of a Modern Grade A Office Building I sweat...and therefore I have said handkerchief to dab off wet facial areas.  This is definitely great in meetings in which you don't want to look like a total tool having beads of sweat dripping off of you because of the artificial air environment you are sitting in!  Don't pull out a tissue or use the luncheon napkin, come prepared, or don't show up, and if you do, excuse yourself and have a brief moment in the bathroom for a sweat fix up in the sink!

Of course I have my favorite brands of cufflinks and of handkerchiefs.  However, I also buy both in vintage as well.  Handkerchiefs and cufflinks make great gifts for men!  Depending on where one purchases them they come in swanky boxes with fine ribbon all the way to those plastic shrink wrapped finds, that can also be boxed in maybe say...a vintage jewelry box or something like that.  A "Mewlery Box" is a must have!  This author defines the "Mewlery Box" as a place where a man keeps his personal belongings such as cufflinks, handkerchiefs, watches, matchbooks, pocket knife, and anything personal.  It's the quintessential, "KEEP OUT," spot in the home.  That means everyone except the owner.

Below, some recommended cufflink and handkerchief brands and their "links":

Thomas Pink
Thomas Pink of Jermyn Street, London has been in the men's clothier business since 1984 and used the name of an 18th Century London tailor by the same name.  Offering a wide selection of superior quality shirts, cufflinks, accessories, and there's even a whole line of women's wear too!

Paul Smith
There's not much else to say, the name says it all!  Paul Smith offers one of the best ranges of suits, shirts, cufflinks, accessories, and other lifestyle items including housewares and books!

Follow Paul's blog at:  Paul Smith's Blog

Brooks Brothers
Why mess with tradition?  They make great shirts, specifically the non-iron line seen in picture at left.  Brooks Brothers is CLASSIC, made easy!

Great prices, good design, and an outstanding collection of cufflinks, handkerchiefs, and other accessories for the modern man.


  1. Love a man in cuff links. Says something about their upbringing and personality.
    BTW - I heard that Brookes Bros had closed down on 5th Ave in NYC. What happened?



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