Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is your dog going to Brown or Dartmouth?

Available at www.petflys.com

If you're like me or even remotely like me about your dog then of course you want him or her pampered like someone who ends up at Brown or Dartmouth and since those aren't ever going to become realities for your pooch, then you've got expendable cash that doesn't have to be thrown into the University bin.  We treat our dog like our child. Some may find that strange, but he's the closest thing we have ever had to a child and we spoil him rotten.  However, when it comes to choosing a dog carrier for transatlantic flights it becomes almost difficult to spoil, be unique, and meet the requirements of the FAA or IATA!

Louis, our 18 month old Prague Ratter has been all over the world, dresses well, and has a demeanor like that of a stable and aristocratic Prince.
Louis. Collar by Coach,
Sweater by Juicy Couture,
Bag by Gucci.

Sometimes I think we should have even named him Prince or some god foresaken name like Paris Hilton would have dished him out like, "Prince Baby Louis Alexander Pumpkin Shizzle."  This year, after a flight to Paris, we noticed that the airlines were starting to crack down on requirements for carrying your pet on with you.  They are actually making you keep the dog in the bag the whole time you fly.  Well okay, recently I've tried to, as much as I can become part of the "If you can't beat them, join them" crew and therefore, I decided I would set out on a shopping journey for a pet carrier that was airline approved, stylish for the one carrying, yet at the same time comfortable for Louis!  I've shopped at dog boutiques in Paris, New York, Houston, London, Brussels, Bratislava, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, and Dubai and although all of these stores are great and carry a wide variety of items, a carrier is something special that can't be chosen from say  5 styles in a shop.  The internet comes in big time here and not only for variety, but also so you don't have to carry the thing around with you after you've made you're purchase.

Louis with shopintheknow author Jason Cahill
Searching high and low on the internet I came up with precious few options even still.  I'm not against the Louis Vuitton sac chien 40 or 50, or the traditional Gucci hard case carrier...but sometimes you just want to be different. We have the Gucci Basket Bag as I like to call it pictured on the left and available at www.gucci.com or in their stores if called in advance. It has many great features like the double zip front with leather tie down and brass button, the padded flooring for the dogs comfort, and an elegantly short Gucci signature webbing leash attached inside that keeps Louis restrained yet comfortable.  Its great on a day out in the city and can double as a shopping carrier even if L's in the bag.  However, the airlines are now tooting their horns about hard case only and so this bag doesn't cut it anymore for travel.  So, after shopping online for days we purchased the Sailor Bleu hard case bag as seen in above left corner available online at www.petflys.com  Petflys offers great service and they shipped from California to Prague, NO PROBLEM.  I give Tammy props at Petflys for her amazing customer service and also to Jamie who is keen on making sure all customer's and their dogs are happy.  We love our new dog carrier and so does Louis.

After countless hours of research I've made some recommendations below.  Some are traditional and oddly enough I only recommend anything from petflys or these these picks below:

Goochie Poochie Pet Bag
Available at www.yourdogsuppliesstore.com

Christian Audigier Safari Dog Carrier
Available at www.yourdogsuppliesstore.com

Louis Vuitton Sac du Chien
available at Louis Vuitton
Gucci Flight bag available at
Not Airline Approved Sketch Bag by Louis Dog
available at Modern Tails

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