Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Texas gets a bad rap a lot of the times, but I think people are missing out BIG time if they discount the State as a whole for it's minor misgivings.  There is so much to write about shopping in Texas that this is just the beginning of what is to be I'm sure a serious amount of content on the subject.

Texans are known for their eccentricities and in the past and now one can still find legitimate business men and women in cowboy gear and they are actually pretty cool people.  However, there's more to Texas than just cowboys and rodeos.  There is a vast variety of shopping to be had on every level and sometimes in the most obscure places.

Take for instance Fredericksburg, Texas.  It's a town just like most in the United States with a very small population of just 11,098 and was founded by Baron Otfried Han Freiherr von Meusebach in the 1840's as a German immigrant town.  Well, almost 200 years later, the town still survives and has become a destination point for shoppers in the know.  @shopintheknow hasn't been to Fredericksburg in many years. However, it still holds a special place in his heart having spent many a hot Texas afternoon shopping along main street in one of the most bizarrely placed selection of chic and elegant boutiques, mostly privately owned.  People from all over the Hill Country and the surrounding areas such as Houston and San Antonio flocked to the town for more interesting items then they can find in their cosmopolitan cities.

If you are in or are going to Texas anytime soon, you should most definitely make a trip to Fredericksburg.  You will have a beautiful drive through wide open spaces and lavender and bluebell fields and when you arrived you will feel that Martians have invaded and taken over this German Town!  There's even a German Beer Garden and most locals speak German too! Strange.

So my TOP PICKS for Fredericksburg, Texas are:

RedinFred, at 307 East Main Street, in their own words..."modern lines . vintage finds . gifts to make your head spin!" And boy do they mean it.  The store is well layed out and visually merchandised to a T, like most shops on the main drag.

They focus on home decor, gift items, and just really well thought out product!  Don't miss them when shopping on Main Street.You'll be happy you went in and the building is a renovated car showroom.

Throw Pillows from RedinFred

dogologie at 148-B West Main offers trendy and hip, as well as elegant dog collars and leads, play gear, apparel, treats, bedding, wellness, travel, bowls, mats, books, breeds, and earth friendly products. dogologie is one of the best dog stores I've been to many around the world.  At dogologie the staff is friendly and well educated on the product.  

(Louis as a puppy to the left.)
dogologie is also online here.  Next time you are in the need for dog clothes make this your second stop after 

Root at 306 East Main Street
The shop stocks brands you would only expect to find in cosmopolitan cities. They maintain a good variety of fashion apparel, home decor items, novelty, and giftware.

In addition to the product they carry, they also merchandise well and must have a buyer that is 100% focused on selecting the best products for their discerning clients.

But seriously, don't just take these three picks as the number one stores you'll find in Fredericksburg.  There are a plethora of them and mostly along the famed Main Street.



  1. Think its great to highlight these niche stores. Do they have online stores?

  2. Yes, They do have online stores. Each store above with an online store has a direct link, just click on the name of the store.

    example: Red in Fred


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