Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Skulls, Alexander McQeen, and JKC on the Costa del Sol!

Recently while traveling in Spain, a friend and I were strolling along the port road in Puerta Banus and came across a shop called Elite Trend.  This shop was apparently another branch of a store called only "Elite," which we had visited earlier in the day.  Elite at Edif. Benabola 8, (in the main entrance to the port) carried  very hard to find items and some other very unique and fun stuff too!  In Elite you can find a large selection of rare Alexander McQueen goods such as the skull print tank top and of course his signature canvas clutch bags which have become the new rage after his untimely death, a devastating loss for the fashion world, best described in the words of Anna Wintour below:
"We are devastated to learn of the death of Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest talents of his generation. He brought a uniquely British sense of daring and aesthetic fearlessness to the global stage of fashion. In such a short career, Alexander McQueen’s influence was astonishing — from street style, to music culture and the world’s museums. His passing marks an insurmountable loss."

 The McQueen Canvas Clutch is available online too at or link directly to order here.
The most interesting item I found that lovely afternoon at the port was at the Elite Trend shop on the port road itself. I came across a quirky and functional line of other canvas totes.  I'm a huge fan of canvas totes and have actually designed and had produced one myself.  I also have a Gucci Runway Canvas Tote that was a truly rare find and I cherish it and use it on hot Summer days when its outfit appropriate.  

So, when these bags presented themselves to me, I thought immediately they were a must have for people in the know and who basically have almost everything on the planet beside a private jet!  The price point was good, the bag was sturdy, functional, and stylie all at the same time.  And so you ask,  "What's this bag all about?"  Well it's pretty simple stuff, but Jessica Kagan Cushman is pushing out a whole line of incredibly fun and affordable accessories.  The bag I bought shown above in baby blue just fit my personality so well that it couldn't be passed by. I bought the largest size they had and have been using it religiously for the past week or so as an alternative gym bag, park tote, and beach bag!   
Jessica Kagan Cushman's full line is available on her website at  Really, check it out now....she's got some really hip stuff happening like the skull ring in the photo on the left.
Note to Jessica:  Get some cufflinks moving into production soon, align with Simon Carter and move those baby's like wildfire!  Call me when you do and I'll be your first client!

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