Friday, July 16, 2010


Up until about three weeks ago in Prague it felt like late October in New York, misty, cool during the day, cold at night, dark, etc. but lately, this city has turned the mercury way up!  I was driving in the car today and realized that the outside temp on the thermometer read 38.5!  Having grown up using the Farenheit system my mind still doesn't really register the actual temperature outside having read the numbers in Celsius.  So, I did the calculation today and was clearly made aware that the temperature outside converted to 101.3F!  I've lived in hot places before and yes, overtime you do become accustomed to the heat.  The problem with the heat in Prague is that it comes on like a race car. There is no in between, no adaptation period, it's plain body shock.

Having said that, here's some ideas for keeping elegantly cool during these Dog Days of Summer.

Ice Ice Baby.

These AK47 Ice Cube Trays aim to please both you and your guests every time.  Not only are the bullet shaped ice cubes cool, but they are also highly functional as they fit well into most glassware shapes.

Make sure you buy plenty as you can never have enough ice lying around on a hot Summer's day.

The AK47 Ice Cube Trays are available online at

For direct ordering information click here.

Walk this way.

Reef has always done great summer wear and for the past few years they've had some great lines reaching all of our needs.

Check out pimptastic, I've got 3 pairs in red velvet for the house and I also own the Reef Mick Spackler's but mine have the golf ball heel as seen in the picture (below right).

I bought 4 pairs when I found them in my size so in case they stopped production I'd have them for years and years.

I managed to find an online seller who's still carrying them   For direct ordering information click here.

Ultimate outdoor fun.

Welll,  I think if you really want to have fun outside then everyone should own the Bansai Geyser Blast Sprinkler  Even if you have a pool or live by the ocean or a lake, don't deny yourself or your children from one of these gems!  Just take it out of the box and hook it up to your garden hose and bam, you've just saved yourself a drive to the annoying and overcrowded aqua park!

Serving Cocktails and Lemonade.

I think I'll end with the ultimate outdoor hot summer's day need!  The  Gucci Lemonade Set with Pitcher.  See pitcher to the right in a photo at our home being used as a flower vase.  They are rare finds, so, I can't recommend where to find or buy them.  I did however, find this exceptional vintage set of Gucci Scotch Glasses that should add some spice to your pool party which are available at or directly here.

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