Sunday, July 18, 2010

David Lynch and Dior

I always find fashion incredibly amazing.  In high end fashion houses it's as if they don't even have advertising budgets to adhere to.  Designers simply decide who they want to collaborate with, how they see the vision, and how they wish their customers to feel in what they design.

People like Bernard Arnault stay out of the way of these designers as they are his bread and butter and without his genius idea of spicing up most of his LVMH brands with hot designers such as Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, John Galliano for Dior,  and What young designer hasn't made a score for Givenchy these days?  Yes, these are genius business ideas of Bernard Arnault , but its the designers that make his brands the most famous and sought after items on the streets.  Hence the reason behind this blog.  Designers these days are working on almost unlimited budgets to create a "feeling" for what their lines represent, whether this is done by an amazing film as the one shown below called Lady Blue Shanghai directed for Dior by none other than David Lynch and starring the brilliant Marion Cotillard.  This film in itself creates a feeling, an episode in one's life who may carry or wear Dior.  It is with this human experience behind the idea of a brand that allows them the liberty to do what they want.  Their fans will pay for it in the products they buy, because THEY WANT the films, the runway shows, the couture lines, the ready to wear, the A-list opening parties (reflecting who they wish to be), the collaborations with other fashion houses and/or designers, artists, celebrities!  They want the feeling of Luxury in their bodies, they want to own it and that's why WE all buy into it!  What a Glamorous world we live in!  Watch this great example of bonding fashion, music, film, and much more by Dior below:

Part 1, Lady Blue Shanghai, for Dior by David Lynch starring Marion Cotillard

Part 2, Lady Blue Shanghai, for Dior by David Lynch starring Marion Cotillard

Watch Part Three HERE

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