Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm a flea market junkie!

A couple of weeks ago now, Joanna Hutchins, a dear friend of mine and the co-author of the widely read , visited Prague with a friend of hers.  I hadn't seen Joanna in probably at least 12 years or so, can't actually remember where it was that we saw each other last either, but it was like reconnecting with a sibling.  Apparently we were both on the same shopping page as well.  Through the week while I worked these girls tour it up in the stores, many of which I was recommending while texting them along their way!  Gretchen, Joanna's accompanying friend, asked if I knew of any good places to buy "old" things?  Both being long term expats in South East Asia, the girls sometimes long for anything "old," as most of these said classified items in Asia are considered pure rubbish and have literally already hit the bin and been removed off continent to some ocean landfill or something.
 I don't go to Kolbenova Flea Market that much anymore, maybe once a year or so.  It still remains the best flea market in Prague, but when your boyfriend proclaims to you that he hates vintage clocks and asks, "Why do we have 20 of them?" You are then forced into the reality that the flea market, although a fascinating world of vintage yesteryear is also a dangerous place to become a self declared junk buyer!  Junk is good though. It can spice up your home in an instant and allows you to be creative.  If you visit Prague its a must, but be prepared for a VERY LARGE Car Boot Sale!

Bleší trh
(Flea Market)

Kolbenova, Praha 9
Open: Sat 07:00 - 14:00 


How to get there.
Turn right out of the Kolbenova metro station (line B), down the street of the same name, and cross to the other side. The market's in the old ČKD Trakce yard. There's a small gate and hut at the entrance; it costs 10 CZK to get in.

(Above Right Middle)  Photo of Jason Cahill, author of @shopintheknow, with antlers purchased at Kolbenova Flea Market. 

(Below, Antlers from Kolbenova Flea Markeat use in Guest Room wall composition)

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  1. Nice! I used to LOVE going to flea markets in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. You can always find great former Soviet Union artifacts (one being medals) which I've come to collect.


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