Sunday, June 13, 2010

shopping for your pets

I'm really all about my dog. His name is Louis and of course he needs to be kitted out in all the latest fashions just as I do. Funnily enough, most people know this about me and therefore they give me tips from time to time. In the Summer of 2009, I walked in my office to find my good friend and business colleague, Karen Hartley had left this now infamous picture of Paris Hilton on my desk ripped out from her Grazia Magazine. I immediately had to have it and although Paris was shopping on Robertson in Los Angeles I couldn't find it anywhere around that area when doing initial searches and then found it at They shipped immediately and bed was delivered to my New York address within a matter of days for pick up when I arrived in August for our Summer holiday. The service and friendliness from most online pet boutiques and stores is unrivaled by any other industry that I've been in contact with as of yet....and we all know that I have no boundaries when it comes to shopping and or "hunting" as I sometimes like to call it!
The Chewy Vuitton bed is great because not only is it UBER-FAB, its also easy to carry and clean(for those ocd peops like me!)

I have so many pet ideas to cover that I don't think they can fit into one blog, so we may have to revisit. However, I do not want to leave out the newest and most friendly pet boutique in Prague to date. They carry such brands as Bellomania, Louis Dog, Fab Dog, PetFlys, Kwigy Bo, Gino the Dog, Black Hunter, and of course Puppia. The owner, Tanja Labat, is there on most days and is very knowledgeable about all of the stores offerings. She dealt with me in the most amazing of manners and I'm a demanding dog accessory maniac so when she didn't have the tiffany blue collar by Bellomania in Louis' size she immediately told me that she could have it for me by tomorrow. She followed through and therefore the store will constantly be mentioned to friends and other fellow shoppers. Don't miss out on Baron Brewski & Friends when visiting Prague and if you live here you should be making at least bi-weekly visits at Vlašská 15 in Prague 1.


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