Monday, June 14, 2010

Heaven's Gone Bankrupt!

For several years now when people ask me, "What's your idea of Heaven?" My immediate answer is, and will always be Takashimaya at 693 5th Avenue, NY, NY. What didn't Takashimaya offer? Actually Takashimaya New York was where most of my "happy place" answers referenced. The mere thought that this remarkable man
made paradise on Earth would actually shut its doors is enough to make me want to spend the next two weeks in bed! Its almost as if the death of Takashimaya is exactly as quoted on their website as "The End of an Era." Before the new merchandise set up on the ground floor was introduced a few years back, under the red canopy and through the doors one walked into a very large fantastically arranged flower bouquet, otherwise known as the florist shop, this evoked immediately the notion of walking into a sanctuary, a feeling that probably exists only at the Hempel Hotelat 31-35 , Craven Hill Gardens W2 3EA, London. After walking through the most amazingly scented foyers you could possibly enter you had options, choices, or freedom as I like to call it. You could press the elevator button signaling for up or down. I actually usually went down, easing into my shopping experience. Going down. Doors open and as you look ahead you've now arrived in a full blown Japanese tea house. I mean hell, you might as well have been laserbeamed to Kyoto. This was always a great place to buy small gifts for moments when you need a host or hostess gift, or a birthday gift on the go, you get the drift....your gift stock. At any rate, it's gone now so if you weren't there you won't get to see it. Tea's now purchased and perfectly packaged, you go back to the elevator which is at your beck and call and just random press for all I'm concerned. This ride ain't taking you any place other than a world of retail therapy seen none other than at this Empire of Retail. On every floor, buyers took amazing attention to
detail and finding the best fit for their clients whether it be closet sachets, fine crystal, beautifully hand sewn lingerie or men's ties. Every single floor was worth strolling, Every single thing was interesting, Every single arrangement was interesting and merchandised to sell and be touched and once you touched it, YOU MY FRIEND, WERE IN LOVE and despite the cost, you paid it and walked out happily with your new found LOVE in a pale pink geometrically shaped bag or bags with tattered tassle cording and whether you walked out from under that canopy on a blistering cold or extremely hot New York City Day...Life was Good!


  1. Am sorry for your loss but there's always Gucci to heal the pain!

  2. Time's are tough indeed when the pennies are gone, and heaven goes bust. What's next...hell freezing over?

  3. Thanks CiJ! I will now have to write a blog about HELL aka...Walmart!


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