Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shopping is a Feeling Premiere Post

I've been wandering the world for over 10 years now in a most intensive manner and have found myself living in Prague with my partner Marjan for the past 7 years. For the past 12 months I've been searching in my head about how I could be a useful blogger, not just some negative ranter like most blogs out there today. This morning I woke up and thought, what are you the most passionate about and immediately I decided...Shopping...I should write a blog about Shopping. So here it is.

This blog is intended to focus on stores in and around Prague and Elsewhere, especially the internet in general, along with other tips about social network shopping.

Many people shop, but I find myself to be connoisseur of shopping all over the planet and not just a selfish shopper, but someone that shops for everything and anything. Some might say...isn't it crazy to buy things you can't use, well then, they've never learnt about the Art of Generosity. Onward now, to the topics of today.

Although I've been shopping for years in the Artel Shop buying a myriad of items from the finest hand-made crystal worldwide to plastic carp fish to be used as table settings I'm always amazed at the beautiful pieces the owner and designer, Ms. Karen Feldman, chooses to showcase. Most of the items carried are from and around the Czech Republic and are Czech Made with a focus on high and quirky design meeting the needs of the most chic. She also carries lines of must have designers from around the world. This is why Artel Shop gets mention today. Hundreds of stores in Europe, The United States, and the Middle East carry Alexis Bittar However, I find it sad that in most stores they are only carrying items that are entry level or easy sells. Artel carries an extensive line and each piece can be told to be hand picked by the owner for it's elegance and style worthiness. For instance, the Alexis Bittar pin shown to the left of the page was seen in Artel before it ever made its way onto the girl's lapels of the hit television series Gossip Girl. When entering Artel at Celetná 29 (entrance on Rybná 1) in Prague 1 you can be sure to find the most unique pieces of any line the owner chooses to showcase. Simply put, Ms. Feldman does the editing for you and makes your shopping experience truly spectacular. I'm sure I'll talk about it in the future as I'm obsessed with it, but check out her table top glass designs at

Another store of note, not in Prague, but in Charlotte, North Carolina called Monkees of Morrocroft also follows suit in hand picking exceptionally great designs from such designers as Tory Burch. I only started following Monkees after I befriended an old friend from my teenage years on Facebook, Mrs. Lawson Harris Worth. She does a great job of updating her stores activities on her Facebook page and also the chain offers amazing charitable incentives. Give back to the community, and it will give back to you! At any rate, you can shop Monkees at many locations in the southern part of the States and online at
I've never actually been in the store, but I do know from extensive research on their Tory Burch Collection which I buy as gifts for my favorite ladies that its vast range puts the big chains such as Nordstroms and Saks to shame. Then again, true shoppers steer clear of the department store and head to their niches! Check out Monkees of Morrocroft at or go for a browse when in Charlotte at 3900 Colony Road, Suite E I know I definitely plan to next time I'm in the Charlotte area.


  1. I love it! You hit the nail on the head with write about what you know! Good for you. Pop my and check out my cooking blog!
    Monkees is fantab and I had no idea that Lawson owned one, I goto the one in Blowing Rock alot! xoxox- kat

  2. Hey Kat! Glad to see you liked my blog! Yours looks ACES! I so need to read your recipes!


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