Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It was supposed to be About Watches!

A watch says more about your personality nowadays then even in days of the recent past. 30 some odd years ago, Rolex made its way to a mass market economy and thank the gods that they did! Without their ruthless advertising injections into the pages of almost every magazine or newspaper in the United States during the early 80's, I don't think we'd have the World of Watches that we do now. An average Rolex however, is about as fashionable these days as a Louis Vuitton Monogram Collection, unless of course you are speaking my language, the recently easy to get Personalization Collection. Now that's fashionable! Although today's topic is not about luggage, I'll touch on it very briefly. My HOT TIP item is J. Crew's Globe-Trotter® Centenary 30" extra-deep suitcase with wheels,, it aims to please.

Onward to the topic at hand, WATCHES! Today, one doesn't need a Rolex or an Omega to reflect their style. There are so many options out there and at so many different price points. My Number One Rule is to stay away from stores and shop online! Sorry retailers, but seriously, its an easy market for online shopping and usually I'm cutting your mark up by 50% to 60% by shopping online. Do some serious research before you purchase your new watch because there is so much out there that it's astounding. Here's three picks of mine lately that reach three very different price points:

The Mondaine Automatic, available at watchCo Online

The Nixon 31-50, available at Kitson's Online

The Yacht Master II by Rolex, available at


  1. What no Cartier?! Still, am loving the Rolex- very you!
    Hartley hi.

    1. is the best watch


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