Thursday, June 24, 2010

Women's Picks of the Day

Three random picks for Women that are a must have this summer.


Try these lightweight pink Diddybeats, available at Kitson's Online.  Diddybeats are high performance headphones endorsed by one of the biggest names in music, Diddy. Functions: High performance sound, Monster ControlTalk for iPad, iPod, iPhone Music Playback and iPhone/music Hands-free Calling.

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Look your best in Dior Sunglasses.

Dior Sunglasses, available at Dior Online

and last but not least,  a good book....

Breat Easton Ellis' latest release, Imperial Bedrooms, Order Now Yes, Blair, Julian and Clay are back, 25 years later and they are still up to their Belaire/Beveryly Hills bullshit. Won't cease to please!

Excerpt from Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis:
They had made a movie about us. The movie was based on a book written by someone we knew. The book was a simple thing about four weeks in the city we grew up in and for the most part was an accurate portrayal. It was labeled fiction but only a few details had been altered and our names weren’t changed and there was nothing in it that hadn’t happened...


  1. Read about Diddy and the boomboom. Whatz next? Was talking to someone today who listens to cassettes in the car. It got me thinking about mixed tapes (love), the shhhhhrrr sound that the cassette player makes (sensory audio fix), and the freedom of being in a car listening to tunes and singing along. Road trip but to somewhere like Penn or Detroit. Ghetto.

  2. Thanks for the comments Minna! THIS IS A GLOBAL CONVERSATION.

  3. I can feel a pink earphone purchase coming on. Come on Kitsons, give this man some recognition!


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