Sunday, June 20, 2010

En Route to Prada!

Yesterday, Marjan and I decided to take a walk in our home city of Prague, Czech Republic. Of course there was a very meek destination plan of hitting the sale at Prada, Pařížská 16. We each had our invitation sent to members of the mailing list in beautiful heavy count embossed envelopes in our pockets enclosed with a lack-luster invitation to the Prada Seasonal Sale. Nonetheless, it communicated on the "invitation" that they were having a sale starting on the 19th of June and we thought, what the hell? We'll go see what's on offer at Prada...who wouldn't? Louis, our Pražský Krysařík, came with us as we made our way down to the centre, a brief ten minute walk from our apartment. We walked along Wenceslas Square and stopped in for a coffee on the go at Starbucks. Now with my venti non-fat chai tea latte I could continue passing Ben and Jerry's, Benetton, Mango, and some other, I'm sure, very historical landmarks along Na Příkopě, not that we ever do anything remotely historical or cultural...EVAH! I'll plug one of them because it's fantastic and totally up my alley in terms of design, location, and feeling, The Grand Cafe Orient. It is located at The House of the Black Madonna, Ovocný trh 19. This impeccably designed cubist cafe is located on the first floor of the building created by the renowned architecht Josef Gočár. I recommend the place highly if you want to enjoy a cup of tea or a coffee engulfed by Czech Cubist Design.  At any rate, this blog is so not about things of interest to normal tourists and so We stopped in at Zara and made a few purchases before making our way over to our original destination...Prada. High Streets don't get much prettier than that of Pařížská in Prague. The tree lined street begins just off of the old town square and opens up with none other than "THE" jewlery retailer, Cartier followed by Dior, Boss, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci. Before reaching Prada, Marjan was distracted by Gucci and we made a Bee Line for the door, opened by a monstrous man dressed in all black as usual. WELCOME TO GUCCI! I have had my eye on the Gucci Cruiser for quite a long time and noticed they had it in the window towards the new collection of women's wear. I checked it out for its sleek and unbelievably "cool" appeal. Having curtailed my expendable allowances lately, I refrained and was just happy to observe the bicycle for it's design excellence. Marjan continued looking at belts and shoes and chose a chic black belt with a black leather buckle and the designer's insignia offset to the right in silver. Later, a customer asked us if we could recommend a gift item for a friend of their's who was having a birthday. I said, "Sure. Does he have everything?" They nodded and I told the sales gentleman to open the case containing the new version of their blackberry holder. They bought one and so did I...even when I'm selling, I'm's a transformation that overcomes me. After our purchases were wrapped at the counter in the new eco- packaging introduced last week by Frida Giannini, their chief designer, we headed across the street to Prada. It was black and boring as usual and they didn't have the shoes Marjan wanted in his size so we left and went to Simple. At Simple they carry everything from Wallpaper Magazine to Balenciaga. I had bought the newest Wallpaper magazine when in on Friday at lunchtime, and Marjan left on this visit with the Hotel Costes' home line's candle simply called "costes."Don't miss Simple at Pařížská 20 when in Prague  

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  1. I really like the bicycle, but I would be TERRIFIED of someone stealing it. BTW, it's Lelania.


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