Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mrs. John L. Strong is open for business again!

Even in today's electronic age of social media, I am still a STRONG believer in the handwritten note or card sent periodically to people whom we love and care about just merely to let them know that we are thinking of them or that we would like to thank them for this or that goodness they have recently bestowed upon us.
Seven Deadly Sins Stationery by Mrs. John L. Strong

There is a serious problem in the market place these days when in search for good stationery to write these essential messages to our dear friends and family.  It is with that in mind that I almost went into shock back in the Spring of 2009 when it was announced that
Mrs. John L. Strong, a fine stationery company operating for over 80 years announced that it was going out of business due to the economic times we are all living through and the sheer ridiculousness that some people have stopped using paper to deliver any sort of message, no matter how important the message.  At the time of the closure, Tom Kalenderian, a general merchandise manager at Barneys New York, said
Mrs. John L. Strong “represents the best social writing paper of our time.”

It was with great pleasure while recently on holiday in New York that I received a beautiful envelope, enclosed with gorgeously embossed stationery and a business card,  from Mrs. Jacqueline Kotts who has now taken over the company and is ready to begin business again.  After reading the enclosed letter, I found her to be with all sincerity one who is obsessed and dedicated to the art of fine living and etiquette.  Without a passion for these traits Mrs. Kotts would not have even ventured into the business of fine stationery and bringing life back to Mrs. John L. Strong which has been the chosen source of these goods by royalty, celebrities, as well as normal persons like you and I who believe in the art of writing and presentation.  The internet will always exist and finding ways to use it to connect with people is fine, but there is one true way to touch a persons soul through written communication and that's by sending a personal note on personal stationery.

With all that in mind, when you are in need of good stationery or business cards please contact Mrs. Jacqueline Kotts.  I am sure she will take care of all your needs and address some details that you may be overlooking when creating your bespoke stationery.

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  1. I love Mr John L. Stong Product, They remind me antique times, i LOve antiques and limited editions. Very exclusive, i think i saw Mr. jOhn's products with "Boca do Lobo", a partnership. Gorgeous this two together.


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