Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can you Shop for Charity?


If luxury shopping is your bag and you are a New York or Tri-State resident or even a tourist then Americana Manhasset is your place of choice.  Skip Fifth Avenue, skip Soho, and get yourself to the Manhasset/Munsey Park area of Long Island, New York.  It's here you'll find among the neighborhoods filled with residents such as LL Cool J, Jennifer Lopez, and countless other celebrities, an oasis of shopping which is literally a mimic of any high street in the world, but it's better!  Basically, its an intensely elegant strip mall with ample parking and staff in every store that's helpful, friendly, and very well educated on the products they offer.  Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Oscar de la Renta and Hermes are just a few of the well named brands you'll find here along with flagship locations such as Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and even lululemon and a seriously enormous Apple Shop.

When shopping at Americana Manhasset one is privileged to be treated like a real client instead of just a tourist passing through on Fifth Avenue, New Bond Street,  or say the Champs-Elysee. Americana Manhasset  keeps attracting designer's on a daily basis.  While there make sure to check out the new Tory Burch shop.

Not only does Americana Manhasset provide an exceptional shopping experience away from the tourist insanity of Fifth Avenue, but also it provides charity events and gives back to the community in which it prospers from, the citizens of long island who are in need or state parks and wetlands.  There are several of these events throughout the year, but at Christmas they have an event called Champions for Charity.  I was privileged enough to attend this event about two years ago when in town for my cousin's wedding in early December giving me ample time to "Shop for Charity" while getting my much needed gift list moving along.  Remember folks, shopping is a feeling and when you have the opportunity to shop and give back to the community at the same time, it must be said, it's a great feeling.  They make it easy too.  

How it works from Champions for Charity 

Participating tenants of Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza donate a percentage of designated pre-tax purchases to the participating organization of the customer's choice. Simply register for a CHAMPION CARD which is the quick and efficient way to participate in Champions for Charity® and designate 25% of your purchases to the charity of your choice.   

Americana Manhasset is located at 2060 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, NY , you won't drive away disappointed.

Photo Credits:  Americana Manhasset

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  1. I have been there and can confirm how great it is here. The staff seem genuinely pleased to see you. Much better than the zoo that is 5th Avenue.


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