Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shopping is a feeling!

Throughout the last couple of weeks I've received verbal comments about how people love my blog, but some of them tell me that they only wished that they could shop like me.  I believe I need to restate my mission here which is in itself,   "The information source behind great shopping and lifestyles." 

A happy candy shopper at Dylan's Candy Store!
It is intended to inspire, to recommend, to rethink your shopping experiences.  I have a great friend, she's quite wealthy, well she's absolutely minted, but she is the most down to earth woman I've ever met.   She's got great taste and lives in a beautiful home.  However, she's been minted for quite a while, knows the value of money and would rather be charitable than shop at luxury rack prices.  Okay, she splurges from time to time, but she attests to the fact that most of the time she spends in luxury stores is just scouting out styles and home goods that she likes.  She then sport shops at tjmaxx or other liquidators and knows exactly what she's looking for when she's there.  I do a lot of the same.  However, I probably spend more time shopping than her anyways as she is very involved in her charitable works.  At any rate, the point here is, this blog is not only about high end shopping. It's intention is to inspire, to inspire those who aspire, to cause invention, to urge people to create, to be creative, and most of all be passionate about whatever it is they love to do. 

Happy Participants at a Re-Gifting Bingo Party!
Clearly shopping is a feeling on every level and it should be!

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